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universal grinder

Universal grinder(water-cooled)

Universal grinder cooling by the motion of the hammer and the crushed materials in the crushing cavity inside, be hammer high-speed collision, striking, cutting and friction, as well as the material between the collision and friction, thus gets crushed, crushed material through the screen fall into the cavity beneath the aggregate barrel or bag crushing. Generally uses the cloth sack filling, dust in the bag, and air and a small amount of very fine dust through the cracks in the bag is discharged outside the bag.


One, all - round crusher is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries of material crushing. Disabled in the crushing of flammable and explosive goods. Prohibition of the crushing of metal objects. Does not apply to the crushing of bulk materials. Does not apply material in crushing moisture content is too high, oil content is too high, because after crushing water or oil, to form a paste, will screen plugging, the impact of the material, resulting in a poor material, even stuck, boring machine phenomenon. This machine is not suitable for crushing all viscous material, is not suitable for heating become soft and sticky material.

Second, the principle of work: 1, water-cooled omnipotence pulverizer use the motion of the hammer, the crushed material in the crushing cavity inside, impact and friction between is hammer high-speed collision, striking, cutting and friction, as well as the material, thus gets crushed, crushed material through the screen fall into the cavity beneath the aggregate barrel or bag crushing. Generally uses the cloth sack filling, dust in the bag, and air and a small amount of very fine dust through the cracks in the bag is discharged outside the bag. 2 and a water cooling device is in the crushing cavity of the outer ring and a crushing chamber door cover and the crushing cavity posterior wall, artificially set the compact cavity, into the cold water, cold water successively through crushing cavity, the front cover cavity, the crushing cavity after the cavity, and then discharge cavity, so as to achieve the grinding head, decreasing grinding chamber temperature cooling.

Three, the characteristics of the machine:

1, the structure is simple, the crushing cavity is simple, easy to clean.

2, the machine is made of stainless steel, in compliance with the requirements of GMP.

3, smooth operation, low noise, small vibration.

4, easy to operate. The screen can control the powder fineness.

5, because the structure of water-cooled determines the screen area reduced, only an ordinary toothed disc mill screen about 40%, so I decided to water mill discharge more slowly, this please customers.

6, the lower the temperature used for cooling, the better the cooling effect. Used for cooling water, can not be recycled, so as not to affect the cooling effect. In the summer water than tap water effect is good, can use ice water, better effect.

7, water should not be too much too fast into the cooling chamber, should use low pressure flow.

Four, with special emphasis on:

1, the machine's external power supply line must be greater than or equal to the power of the machine comes with its own power cord, otherwise it is easy because the wire current is too high to cause the motor and the power supply line hot and hot, soft and even melting and burning.

2, should ask professional electrician, in accordance with the provisions of the grounding wire, installation of the appropriate type of leakage protector in the machine power supply line, and to ensure that the machine spindle in accordance with the provisions of the direction of rotation, to protect with electricity and machine safety.

3, if the crushed material for pigment, or with a certain toxicity or side effects, it is recommended to place the machine in an independent workshop, and to take certain protective measures. In order to minimize dust flying, you can take a double layer of cloth bag, the inner bag should be small and appropriate, the outer bag should be large. In addition the bag as long as possible, with short bag charging, because too much air discharged from the mill, resulting in increasing pressure in the bag, the more easily lead to dust overflow.

Five, the use of instructions and notes:

1, this machine is generally 1 pieces of wooden packaging, the customer receipt will open the wooden, the host placed at the same level on the ground. In order to reduce vibration, can be in the machine foot pad rubber pad.

2, the machine in motion, should carefully check the wiring is complete, power lines are exposed, should check the machine components closely and firmness, cup of lubricating oil is sufficient, locking crushing cavity outside the door cover, again connected to the mains, press the switch, air compressor running more than ten minutes, no abnormal noise and vibration, and feeding work. If found in the boot of abnormal noise, should immediately shut off the switch and switch off the total power supply, to identify the problems and solve, can boot again.

3, different models, production is different. The smaller the machine, the lower the output. Then a large model, there are restrictions on production, pay attention to control the amount of feeding, in principle, the number of machines per minute out of the powder, the amount of feed is not higher than the amount of powder. Cast much, less powder, machine because crushing cavity material too much causing the motor load is too large, if there is a motor speed slow or even does not turn, should immediately turn off the switch machine and broken the total power, open the machine cover, clean out the crushing cavity material, lock the door cover to start again.

4, on the production of the note

Such as 200 + mill, we label production is 10-120kg/h, not professional customers often questioned the machine of real output, this is the actual situation: the different material properties, different size particles, with different screen, the output is not the same, even a difference of several times straight to hundreds of times. If the material itself is very dry, very crisp, particle is small, the grinding fineness is not high, and even the use of 2 mm, 3 mm even larger aperture screen, yield to more than 120kg / h, it is an easy thing. Conversely, if be crushed particles of the material, with a high water content or fiber content, high toughness, and crushed to very fine, fine configuration screen such as 0.4 mm aperture, want to yield to 120kg / h. This is impossible.

Six, warning: the machine in the work required moorings, if left to the user, should turn off the switch and broken the total power.

Seven, breaking rules:

1, the smaller the particle size, the greater the yield;

2, the lower the water content, the greater the yield;

3, the screen is thicker, the higher the output;

4, the material brittleness is stronger, the output is bigger.

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